Sports Law

Sports Law

Brown And CO Sports Law Department

Lawyers For The Player/Athlete
With over 25 years experience in employment law it was a natural progression for Brown and Co Solicitors to expand into sports law with a focus on representing the player/athlete.

Much of traditional employment law applies to the sportsperson but there are a host of arrangements that are unique to the sports sector. We assist the amateur and professional sports person at every stage of their career and cover such matters as the following:

  • Contract formation and negotiation with clubs and other bodies e.g. federations
  • Regulatory & disciplinary e.g. breach of club/governing body rules, doping offences
  • Selection, participation, disciplinary and regulatory issues affecting athletes
  • Sponsorship and merchandising
  • Player contracts and image rights
  • Dealing with agents
  • Reputation management
  • Employment e.g. assistance obtaining relevant permission from UK Border Agency to play for a club in the United Kingdom
  • Dispute Resolution

We are able to draw on the wide range of expertise from different solicitors in the firm to offer our player/athlete clients a holistic ‘one stop’ confidential service which extends to issues beyond the playing field covering such matters as

  • Family law
  • Personal injury
  • Criminal law
  • Immigration issues

Most leading sports firms boast of their services to both governing bodies, clubs AND /players/athletes. At Brown and Co we have developed a service tailored to representing the player/athlete in every aspect of their sporting and non sporting life.

We recognize that the journey for many players/athletes begins as a young person with anxious parents being their only advocate in a bewildering world. We will come alongside and guide the player/athlete through the daunting world of sport and advise on the way forward designed to secure the future for the player/athlete.

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