Licensing Services for Your Business

Having a license (be it a premises license or a taxi license) is fundamental to your ability to run a business and earn a living. We understand the importance of having a license for you. We also understand the importance of the relationship between you and the regulatory body, such as the Local Authority or other regulatory body. Our Solicitors will make every effort to understand your business  to understand your issues and your challenges and what is realistic for you. So when, for example, we come to prepare and submit a premises license application, the conditions will be tailored to your specific needs and what is achievable for you. We would then also take steps to liaise with the Local Authority and other responsible authorities, such as the Police, where necessary to represent your interests.

Winston Brown is a former local government senior lawyer. When it comes to your licensing application, this matters:

  • Because of his experience advising the officials who make decisions on licensing applications, he provides practical and realistic advice that is not easy to find elsewhere
  • His familiarity with the policies and priorities of individual licensing departments helps him negotiate effectively with the relevant authorities

Giving Your License Application the Best Chance of Success

At our first meeting we will usually be able to guide you on the merits of your application. If we think your proposals are problematic, we will be upfront with you. We are not in the business of making an application for the sake of it. Instead, we will suggest how you can amend your application so it stands a better chance of success. If we think it is in your interests we will advise you to withdraw your application.

Other ways we assist clients include:

  • Preparation of operating schedules
  • Advice on compliance with premises licence conditions
  • Advice on the best form of license for your business needs
  • Liaising and negotiating with responsible authorities to secure successful licensing applications
  • Minor variations and personal licence applications
  • Advocacy at licensing authority hearings and magistrates’ courts
  • Advice on temporary events notices
  • Representation on prosecutions, reviews, closure orders and appeals
  • Judicial review applications

A Comprehensive Licensing Service

We handle applications for every type of venue and business, including: bars, private members clubs and other adult entertainment licenses, casinos, gaming and online gaming websites, clubs, restaurants, hotels, retail outlets, cinemas, football stadia, theatres, arenas, museums, art galleries, fast-food outlets, live music festivals, taxi firms, and outside tables and chairs licences.

We also handle the sale and purchase of licensed and other business property.

Contact Us

If you need advice on any aspect of licensing law, get in touch. Call us on 020 8858 5996.

  • Following an assault at his premises one night in 2014 the police applied for and obtained a revocation of the premises license on the basis that our client hadmfailed to notify the police of the assault. The loss in business was devastating for our client. We appealed against the revocation. Before the appeal hearing wemnegotiated extensively with the police and council officers and secured a reinstatement of the premises license on new conditions in April 2016.

    Restaurant Owner Wandsworth, London

  • They had a ‘lock in’ to allow customers to watch a televised boxing bout at 3am. An altercation between customers took place and the police were called. The police applied for a review of the premises license. We negotiated with the police on behalf of our client and provided representation at the review hearing. Our client was allowed to retain her premises license on modified conditions.

    Pub Owner Sydenham, London

  • In 2015 he sought to open a new branch and applied for a late night refreshment license. The police objected on the basis that the new location was in an area known for trouble at night. We negotiated with the police and provided representation before Oxford City Council’s Licensing Committee and our client’s application was granted.

    Owner of Pizza takeaways Oxford

  • In 2014 some rowdy customers attacked our client in what our client felt was a racially motivated assault. The police applied for a review of the premises license. During the consultation period a number or residents came forward to separately complain about noise nuisance and anti social behaviour at the premises. The police subsequently applied for and obtained a closure order on the basis that the premises posed an on going risk to the public. We negotiated extensively with the police, council officers, councillors and leaders of local neighbourhood groups and provided representation at the review hearing and Bromley Magistrates’ Court. The premises license was restored with amended conditions and the closure order was lifted at Bromley Magistrates’ Court.

    Family Restaurant Catford, London