Judicial Review

Judicial Review

judicial review solicitor greenwich londonIf you are aggrieved by the past or anticipated decision of a public body such as a local authority, police, health service or other body we can help.Public bodies are subject to a range of ‘public law’ principles which govern how they should reach their decisions. Public bodies exercise substantial influence on the lives of ordinary people yet at the same time they are also run by ordinary people who may sometimes make mistakes or get it wrong. Judicial review is the legal process through which public bodies can be held to account, adverse decisions overturned and even policies changed in favour of the applicants.We act for individuals and organisations and different funding options are available.

Our Expertise

We have over 15 years experience in local government and are versed in the arguments for and against a controversial public law decision. Winston Brown is the Head of the Judicial Review Team and previously worked as Head of Law for Hackney Council and then as a Legal Partner for Barking and Dagenham Council. In this central role Winston regularly advised council committees on lawful decision making and responding to challenges to the council’s decisions. Winston has been able to bring his substantial experience to assist individuals and organisations seeking to challenge the decision of a wide range of different public bodies which are subject to the same overarching public law principles.

Where there are clear flaws in a public law decision the matter is often resolved before court action. If however court action is necessary we are experienced in progressing cases to the High Court and beyond.

In a recent case we acted for market traders who are concerned at their local council’s proposals to restrict what they could sell on their stalls. We used Freedom of Information legislation to obtain information and raise flaws in the consultation process leading to a reversal of the policy. In another matter we acted for a taxi association against the licensing authority seeking to impose parking restrictions. Once again our challenge to the consultation process led to an adjustment to the policy in dispute.

If you wish to challenge a decision of a public body strict time limits apply so you do need to act promptly.

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