Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery

Cash flow is vital to small and medium size businesses and unpaid debts is a real problem for many businesses. For individuals who are owed money it can also be frustrating when someone does not pay you what they owe.We act for a range of small and medium sized businesses and individuals to recover unpaid debts.We will:

  • Issue a letter before action
  • Commence court action if necessary
  • Conduct the case from conclusion to end
  • Take steps to enforce any judgment if this becomes necessary

Services to Business

We also provide a retainer service in which we can chase late invoices. It is our experience that the majority of debts are paid on receipt of a letter before action.

At the same time there are often steps the business can take to protect its position going forward such ensuring its terms and conditions are sufficiently robust or have added protections such as interest clauses. We can review the terms and conditions of a business to ensure you are best protected going forward. If you do not have any written contracts in place we can prepare one for your use going forward.

We also advise on the option of claiming interest on late payments under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Act 1998 and the subsequent 2013 Regulations.

Methods of Enforcement

Debt recovery usually begins with a letter before action (unless you have attempted to resolve matters through correspondence before you instruct us). It is also essential to run a relevant credit check on the debtor to ensure they can afford to pay you. We can undertake this check for you and also trace any hidden assets with which the debt might be paid.

If necessary and there is a solvent debtor we can pursue court action through the County Court or High Court. If judgment is obtained there are a range of tools available to enforce payment. We will discuss with you the most appropriate or feasible method and proceed once you approve us to act. The tracing exercise should not be underestimated. We have successfully recovered debts from debtors based abroad and in many cases have been able to identify assets to secure payment of the debt owed. We can also issue bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings if necessary.

Why should I use solicitors rather than a debt collection agency?

We combine up to date legal expertise with a practical service. If the matter becomes contentious a debt recovery firm would need to then instruct legal professionals. By using Brown and Co gives you a seamless service in which the entire matter can be dealt with in house.

We are also regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority which guarantees a level of competent and professional service for you. It also ensures that all debts recovered by us are protected.

Why should I use Brown and Co?

We bring proven success based on years of experience. Brown and Co’s debt recovery department is headed by Winston Brown who worked for 8 years as a manager of two different local authority legal departments. Debt recovery was a central feature of these services and these services recovered substantial sums in unpaid debts.

We can boast a significant track record of recovering unpaid debt and would welcome a call from you to see how we can help.

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