Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

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Have You Thought About What Success Looks Like?
Legal disputes between individuals or between businesses and customers quickly become personal. Emotions run high. At Brown & Co Solicitors, we work hard to reduce some of the immediate tension to try to find the solution that best fits your objectives. At the outset we will:

  • Ask you directly what success would mean
  • Assess the merits of your case
  • Advise you if your aims are realistic
  • Discuss the ways in which you can protect yourself, including legal expenses insurance

Assessing Risk

Going to court is risky and expensive so we are open and honest with you about funding your case from the start. If you bring a case and lose, your liability for costs may well be greater than the amount you were seeking in the first place — so a rigorous risk assessment is essential.

If court proceedings are unavoidable, we have experienced litigation solicitors who can effectively manage your case through the court system, confronting obstacles as they arise with confidence and skill. We have an experienced team of litigation solicitors who are used to fighting for the best outcomes for our clients.

What We Do

We cover most types of private disputes in all courts in Greenwich and throughout London. Our civil litigation work includes:

  • Consumer claims
  • Debt recovery actions
  • Disputes with employers and discrimination claims
  • Defamation
  • Disputes over wills
  • Disagreements about boundaries and property
  • Professional negligence claims
  • Landlord and tenant issues
  • Disputed contracts
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency
  • Claims against builders

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