Employment Law for Senior Executives

We represent individuals, be they executive or non-executive directors, senior managers or members of professional organisations or shareholders. A number of our clients are also members of professional bodies, such as Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants etc. We have extensive of appearing before various regulatory bodies to defend our clients where they have been referred for fitness to practice issues.

We also provide the following services for our senior executive clients.

  • Advice on corporate governance remuneration codes.
  • Advice and negotiate incentive plans, including carried interest plans.
  • Reviewing and negotiating shareholder and investor agreements.
  • Advice for Directors on their legal responsibilities as Directors.
  • Giving independent advice to boards of companies.
  • Advising partners and members of LLPs on their positions.
  • Negotiating terms of departure and advising on their impact.
  • Helping clients when they wish to move to jobs, with or without their clients.

In many cases, the issue for the senior executive is career progression and the management of their reputation. On occasion, the last thing a senior executive wants to do is to sue the employer because of possible impact on reputation. We have extensive experience of negotiating with employers at the highest level to secure a package, e.g. negotiated exit, plus reference and publicity statement to ensure the best outcome for our client. We can also negotiate on the terms and conditions of employment for our clients and where necessary, negotiate in relation to restricted covenants which may affect our clients. If necessary, we can pursue or defend relevant claims, such as a springboard injunction.

If you wish to discuss your employment matter in the strictest of confidence and with no obligation, please call us on 0208 858 5996.