Selling Alcohol Online

Selling Alcohol Online

Can I sell alcohol online?

Short answer: Yes you can, but you will need to follow certain rules to ensure you are doing so legally.

Do I need a licence to sell alcohol online?

Yes, you would need to apply in the same was as a pub or restaurant.

Licensing for alcohol sales is based on the place or storage, Wherever alcoholic drinks are to be kept, those premises must be licensed for that purpose.

The point of sale is the key to determining which premises are licensable. Due to the often complex nature of this definition, we would offer this advice on a case-by-case basis.

How long does it take to get an alcohol licence?

The licensing process is relatively quick, and having a background in local authority law, Brown and Co are ideally placed to help you get your application through smoothly. In total, we expect to take 5-6 six weeks.

Once we submit your application, there will be a 28-day consultation period, during which parties, including the police, have the opportunity to express any significant reasons to deny the application.

If you are selling online, there are a number of considerations which are unique to online sales of alcohol. One such consideration is the measures which the applicant (you) proposes to ensure the alcohol is not sold (or eventually delivered) to someone who is underage.

There are a number of other similar conditions which the applicant must consider. Internet based sales have very specific regulations.

  • Our Process at Brown and Co includes:
  • Taking your details and onboarding you as a client
  • Recording application information and details of the Licensee
  • Assigning Designated Premises Supervisor (legal responsibility)
  • Completing the application
  • Proposed conditions – we use our extensive expertise to set-out how we will meet the license objectives.
  • Negotiation with objectors during the consultation period.
  • Licensing committee hearing – we represent.

How much does an alcohol license cost?

Costs for alcohol licence depends on the rateable value of the property. An indication of our fees can be found below, but offer a guide only.

Advertising tin the local newspaper:£150 – £250+VAT

Our fees: £750+VAT

Appeal against refusal of first application, of variance or revocation of existing license: £1000 – £1500+VAT

We have an excellent record in working with Local Authorities to secure premises licences. For more information, call us now on 020 8858 5996

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